Welcome in Reiters Reserve – Southern Burgenland

Supremehotel – for adults
Finest Familyhotel – children hotel

An incredible 120 ha of holiday scenery - this is the Reiters Reserve with its Golf, Lipizzaner, sports- and leisure facilities, as well as the Supremehotel and the Finest Familyhotel. It is surrounded by the wonderful, soft landscapes of the Südburgenland. Its beautifully swung hills, elongated fields and light forests provide a special kind of harmony, which makes you feel comfortable and secure.

Experiencing the liberating impact of the Reserve. The silence of the hills, diving into the water- and wellness area, listening to animals and the natures sound while striving through the resort, feeling the warmth and hospitality that surrounds you. Smelling, tasting, observing and savouring the culinary delicacies. Vacation with all senses – vitalizing and restorative.

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